Because they’re family

  Dairy & grain free    Vet nutritionist approved
  Fresh ingredients    Human-grade food

Delicious Doggy Dinners in a row!

Freshly-cooked, flash-frozen & delivered
to your door!

Because they’re family

  Dairy & grain free    Vet nutritionist approved
  Fresh ingredients    Human-grade food

Freshly-cooked, flash-frozen & delivered to your door!

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How it works

Serving Delicious Doggy Dinners is simple:

You tell us about your dog
We cook the meals from scratch
Meals are placed into pouches and frozen
Pouches are packed into insulated boxes to keep them cool
Your choices are delivered to your door, you pop them in the freezer
Defrost portions overnight in the fridge, then serve!

Tell us about your dog(s)

We send portions to suit the size and appetite of your pets, so we need a bit of information from you

I have dog(s) called


So, what’s it all about?

As part of the family, your dogs deserve food that is nutritious and delicious, carefully prepared with love, using top quality ingredients. Everyone at Delicious Doggy Dinners are animal lovers with many years’ experience in the food industry. With the help of our dedicated veterinary nutritionists, we have created meals that your pet will adore and thrive on.

Strudel can't wait for her dinner!


Step into the DDD Logo kitchen

The goodness begins in our kitchens. We only…

  • cook from scratch
  • use only the freshest ingredients
  • use human grade meat
  • make sure every recipe is grain and preservative-free
  • cook to suit dogs suffering from common allergies and intolerances
  • ensure optimal nutrition is in every Delicious pouch

DDDelicious recipes also include the 37 essential nutrients that your dog needs to thrive, plus ingredients like turmeric, rosemary and sunflower oil to keep their joints supple and promote healthy digestion – sign up for a 2 week trial and see for yourself.


How to feed your dog DDD Logo

Our day pouches are easy to use and mess free. As with all diet changes, Delicious Doggy Dinners needs to be introduced gradually during the first week. This will ensure your dog’s tummy has time to adapt gently. Our simple guide will help you to switch over smoothly.


Our dinners & recipes

Our menu includes Chirpy Chicken, Turkey Tangos, Beeeef! and Fish Flippers. All grain-free with NO hidden additives, preservatives or unnatural hidden ingredients. Just 100% natural ingredient recipes that your dog will love. Just like us humans, there will be some flavours your dog enjoy more than others, that’s why you can choose exactly what dinners to include in your deliveries.