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Can dogs have Christmas dinner too?

At this time of year it always seems harsh to leave dogs out of the festivities – especially on Christmas day. After all, sharing some of Christmas dinner can’t hurt, can it?

Unfortunately, it can be a really bad idea. While the main risk is an upset stomach (though that’s bad enough in itself – after all who wants to be cleaning that sort of thing on Boxing Day?), there are also some foods that can be extremely dangerous.

First up are mince pies, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding. The raisins can be fatal, so keep any of these well out of paw’s reach.

The same goes for anything containing chocolate – most dogs can’t tolerate it at all and even a relatively small amount can kill them. Keep it well away, but don’t forget how good dogs are at finding it (as my friend discovered when her pooch raided the Christmas presents hidden under her bed), so always store it up high. A metal tin is a good idea too.

Onions, leeks and chives are also poisonous to dogs. Onion, onion powder and leeks are often found in roasted veg, gravy, sausages and stuffing, which rules out those foods (and that’s before you even consider the salt and fat content!).

If you do want your doggy pal to share the atmosphere on Christmas day, the safest way is to stick to their normal food (take a look at our Turkey Tangos dinner), but you could choose a specially-shaped bowl to make it more festive! A few dog treats and some extra special doggy cuddles are other sure-fire ways to spread the joy – and don’t forget how much they’ll love a long walk through the winter landscape.