A dog's eye view, Food

What should a healthy bowl of food look like?

There’s a lot of discussion about what makes a healthy diet for dogs. Should it just be meat, like their wolf cousins? Should it include carbohydrate and vegetables, and how much? Can it be vegan? What about dried food (kibble)? It’s easy to become overwhelmed by information and choice.

What is clear is that many years ago, before tinned or dried food was available, dogs lived among us and would have eaten meat alongside scraps from the table and whatever else they could find lying around the farmyard. Obviously, this might not have always been ideal – but it would have provided the dogs with variety and a real mixture of flavours and nutrients.

I am passionate about ensuring I give my dog Strudel the best, which is why I started Delicious Doggy Dinners. My dog Strudel is part of my family, as such I feel she deserves the same quality of food that I make for everyone else. I felt that while a diet of meat alone was good in terms of protein, it was important to mix in some carbs and veg as well – dogs benefit from the mix in many of the same ways we do. Of course, as a dog she has different nutritional requirements to those of us humans, so all the recipes are carefully formulated with that in mind. To my mind, this is what a healthy bowl of food looks like.

There’s nothing more satisfying that serving up a delicious and healthy meal that everyone enjoys. That’s they way I feel about Delicious Doggy Dinners too – Strudel and her friends absolutely love the meals and I love being part of something that gives them extra energy, shinier coats, clearer eyes and fresher breath. You can read more about the four dinners we offer here.