Our meals

Our dinners

Our dinners have been developed alongside two highly qualified veterinary nutritionists, Rebecca Remillard and Sarah Abood. Both have many decades providing canine nutritional advice for dogs. With four tail-waggingly tasty recipes, Chirpy Chicken, Beeeef!, Turkey Tangos and Fish Flippers, there is sure to be something to delight your furry friend.
 All our dishes are gently steam-cooked to lock in nutrients and flavour.

How much does it cost?

Our prices offer incredible value for money. When you place your first order, please take a few minutes to answer our questions about your dog, this will allow us to deliver tailor made food for your pooch. As a guide:

Tiny (up to 6kg): from £1.35 a day
Small (up to 13kg): from £2.10 a day
Medium (up to 21kg): from £2.65 a day
Large (up to 32kg): from £3.65 a day
X-Large (up to 45kg): from £4.65 a day
We can cater for larger dogs too!


Lick of Approval - what people are saying about DDD

“Maggie is definitely enjoying her food more.” DEBBIE G
“I'd highly recommend DDD to other dog owners - they'll see the difference.” MITCHELL C
“Anyone who sees my shiny girl race past them in the park asks me what I am feeding her..” AMANDA B