“DDD has radically improved the health and quality of Hilary’s and Eimy’s life”

“I’ve decided to write a review as I’ve been feeding my two dogs, Hilary and Eimy, with DDD for the last few months. As a dog trainer and behaviourist, I feel food plays an incremental part in dog health and behaviour.

I’ve tried many different dry food, raw diet and dehydrated food, but I have to say I have never seen my dogs so happy, healthy and with such a great appetite as with DDD food.

Hilary is 11 years old, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois. She has suffered with epilepsy from a young age and is heavily medicated. In the last couple of years she started to skip her meals, which was very concerning, plus some of her medication shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach. Since feeding her with DDD I can say with my hand on my heart that Hilary has never skipped a meal, she looks like she has stopped ageing, her seizures have reduced and are very sporadic to the point that I was able to slowly reduced her medication.

On the beginning of 2018, I decided to adopt a rescue dog from Spain. Eimy was 18 months old when she came and she is Petit Griffon Bleu de Gascogne. Eimy is very picky with what she eats and easily can even avoid some tasty treats, however because she loves human food, she loves her DDD meals.

I honestly have to say that DDD has radically improved the health and quality of Hilary’s and Eimy’s life and, at the end of the day, mine too, as I am not concerned about the food they eat and feel that I am providing for them the best quality food that there is. I feel confident to recommend DDD to our clients, not only with health or behavioural issues, but also to all of them as every dog deserves food like that. Give it go, you won’t be disappointed. THANK YOU DDD!!!”

H&H Dog Training,

"I think Boris loves me even more now!"

“This is our Golden Retriever, Boris. He’s three and we’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. He’s a very friendly boy and loves teddies, treats and getting attention from everyone he meets. He’ll cover you in slobber!

When Boris was a year old, he had sores all over his skin and was getting bald patches from licking so much. We got an allergy test done and discovered there were at least 20 things he was allergic to. This included wheat, rice, potato, corn as well as grass and tree pollen. We had to make radical changes to his diet. Boris has been on a raw meat diet for the last two years, but recently we’ve wanted to introduce something a little more exciting. Boris just loves his food. We need to make sure he’s eating the right things and that his weight is kept healthy as these breeds tend to pile on the pounds a bit!

At first we tried a vegetarian dish which used quinoa as it’s base. This is great for Boris as this is a pulse he’s not allergic to. It was also explained to us that one of the ingredients is turmeric, which is apparently great for digestion. He’d  never had anything like this before. We mixed a small amount in with Boris’ raw meat and he just went crazy for it! I’ve never seen him enjoy his food so much. In fact, he loved it so much he tried to steal the remainder from the worktop when my back was turned. He’s never done that before!

Boris’ skin has really cleared up and he loves his meal times more than ever. I’m just so happy that he’s eating pure healthy ingredients with no awful additives. Another benefit is that he doesn’t smell as ‘doggy’ any more. His skin is clear and his coat is shiny.

I would highly recommend DDD to anyone who has an allergic or sensitive dog. I even think Boris loves me more now that I’m giving him exciting meals!”


"Maggie is definitely enjoying her food more"

“Maggie Mae joined our family June 2015. She is a ‘springbatt’ – dad full Bassett hound and mum half Bassett and half springer. Maggie is an affectionate and loving family dog and enjoys being with company. She is inquisitive and constantly on the hunt for her next snack!! She loves her family and we love her, but she definitely has a special bond with my mum’s dog Theo who is her best pal.
Knowing the founder and producer of DDD has a passion for food and nutrition, we knew that quality would be second to none and good enough for Maggie’s family to share with her! We’ve been with DDD for a couple of weeks now. DDD is crafted and engineered from love and Maggie is definitely enjoying her food more and can’t wait till her next meal!
Give it a try… your dog won’t lie!”


Lick of Approval

“We are what we eat, and so are our dogs.” “Smudge is a miniature Golden Doodle… She decided not to be miniature, golden or particularly doodle-like and I love her for that! She has a delicate tummy and she had been really unwell following her season. She a diet of rice and chicken. Once she got better, I couldn’t face putting her back on her dried food, even though it was a premium brand. It clashed with my instincts. Why would I put my girl back on dried food that I have no idea what is truly in it, and take her off ‘real’ food that had settled her tummy and made her happy again? This is why I started my research and found DDD. She literally loves meal times, the food is truly good enough to eat (my partner actually tasted it!). Smudge has no tummy issues and I feel good feeding her food that I know exactly what is in it. I can’t feed her dried food anymore with a good conscience. I recommend DDD - anyone who sees my shiny girl race past them in the park asks me what I am feeding her. We are what we eat, and so are our dogs.”


“Delicious Doggy Dinners has helped his joints” “We have a Black Labrador cross Lurcher. His name is Bullet and he was a rescue dog. We have had him for around 10 years now. As he is getting old, I was looking for someone that would provide him with the extra vitamins and other foods which could help him with his health and making sure that for his old age, he would have the best food that I could provide. We have been using DDD for the last couple of months and have already seen an improvement. Bullet (Or Mr B as we like to call him) has struggled with his joints after walks, with him resting and then struggling to be able to get up and move around the house. DDD has helped him with his joints and now we are talking him for 1-2 walks a day, with him being able to get up without a problem. I would really recommend DDD's with their fantastic, friendly service. I know I wouldn't go back. Thank you again DDD!”


“I can see improvement in his sleeping habits” “I got my dog in 2013. He's name is Bruno and he's a Rottweiler. Bruno is another member of my family. He is one of us and he behaves exactly like us. He's friendly and well behaved dog. He's favourite play is barking at a stone he finds and then digging a hole around it. I got interested in DDD when I received a sample of the food and realised the quality was good enough for me to have it. Well my dog preferred it even more. The price was comparative and I was never disappointed by the quality of the food. I was initially looking for a good snack for my dog and ended up using the full range of products. It has been just 3 months since I've start feeding my dog with the DDD food range and I can see improvement in his sleeping habits and his farting also got better. Also he's crazy about the DDD cookies! I would highly recommend DDD to other dog owners. I am highly satisfied with the food and its standards.”


“I’d highly recommend Delicious Doggy Dinners” Rocky is an adorable Cockapoo of 2 years. He’s full of life. Whilst being more poodle like with traits that come from the breed, he also possesses a very sensitive side. He’s full of character and always wanting to play! I was made aware of DDD and decided to look into it more. The idea of giving Rocky a nutritional meal that is homemade and consists of natural ingredients appealed to me. Rocky has been on a diet of DDD for some weeks now and I’ve noticed his want for food is more suited to meal times. Simply put, I believe DDD is sufficiently satisfying his appetite and his all round better being. I will continue feeding Rocky DDD now as it’s good for him and that’s clear to see. Furthermore I’d highly recommend DDD to other dog owners to try – they’ll see the difference very quickly.”


“I’d even eat the treats myself!” We’ve had Millie, a Hungarian Vizsla, from a puppy 9 weeks old. She came from Coventry and was the ‘runt’ of the litter. We transported her in a cardboard box down to Mill Hill 11 years ago. She is part of our family, when we moved from Central London to leafy Mill Hill we decided that it would be perfect for a dog. She is the perfect family member, soft and gentle, loving, and would never hurt a fly! As Millie got older, her tummy became a little sensitive, and it was then that we decided to try and improve her daily intake of healthy food. We sampled DDD, and she absolutely wolfed it down. It hasn’t been that long since she started on it, but I have no hesitation in making the decision to keep her on it long term. I would recommend not only the food, but also the treats, I’d even eat them myself!”


“I will definitely be continuing to feed my dog this food” “Our Cavachon dog, Zuma is a loveable, affectionate, mischievous member of our family. He is well loved and gives lots back. He’s always been very fussy with his food (although he seems to like the taste of his own balls!). We quite often have had to disguise some of his meals just to get him to eat. When DDD gave me a sample for Zuma to try, I can honestly say he swallowed it down quicker than any other food before. I will definitely be continuing to feed him this food. I might even serve it up for my husband – he commented on how delicious it smelt!”