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Strudel’s Musings: what I love about Christmas

I was snuffling in the park yesterday when I found something that made me even more excited than usual – a discarded cup from a gingerbread spiced latte, ie. the first sign of Christmas! It was lying among some really slimy leaves (I can never resist a pile of leaves, I just love burying my nose in that rich woody smell and then snapping at all the interesting critters). It immediately made me think of all my favourite Christmas activities – so here’s my top 10!

  1. Long festive walks
  2. Visits to relatives and new places to explore
  3. Warm foot baths to wash my muddy paws
  4. Visitors to meet and sniff
  5. Special treats
  6. A tree in the living room (seriously, why only at Christmas? It’s brilliant!)
  7. Trying to bite snowflakes
  8. Cosy cuddles in front of the fire
  9. Coloured paper packages with interesting smells (I have no idea why Abigail gets annoyed when I open them up, but she should really take them off the floor if she wants them left alone)
  10. Everyone at home for ages!

But there’s a few things I don’t enjoy as much:

  1. Pine needles in the paws, so please sweep up regularly
  2. Loud noise – I love the chance to go off somewhere quiet from time to time
  3. Everyone giving me treats. It does my waistline no favours, so I’d rather stick to my usual food and portion size.
  4. Chocolate. You know how bad it makes me feel and we all want to avoid an emergency dash to the vet! Please hide it so I’m not even tempted.
  5. Dangly decorations (they’re so much fun that I can’t help trying to bite them, so please keep them out of my reach if you want them to remain whole)

For now though, I’m off to enjoy a well-earned rest among the chewed remnants of my Christmas jumper. Festive greetings to you all, on four legs or two!

Strudel x