Switching to DDD

Introduce gradually by mixing with your previous dog food
Reduce quantity of previous dog food across 7 days
After a week, your dog will be ready to eat only Delicious Doggy Dinners

Switching over to DDD from your current food

Our delicious doggy dinners will be new for your dog’s tummy so they need to be introduced gradually across 4 to 7 days, this will ensure your dog/s digestion has enough time to adjust.

You will know how sensitive your dog is to changes in their diet, some dogs will be fine on increasing by 25% a day across 4 days and other dogs will need the full 7 days, therefore we recommend you start by adding a small amount of Delicious Doggy Dinners to your dogs current food and mix it in, remember to decrease their current food by the same amount you are adding of Delicious Doggy Dinners.

To help you, we’ve made the process as simple as possible. Your first week’s order will comprise of a selection of pouches with increasing sizes. Simply add the pouches to your dog’s existing meals, reducing the previous food by the size of the pouch.

After a week, your dog will be ready to eat just Delicious Doggy Dinners!

Your pouches arrive frozen. The pouches can be kept unopened in the fridge for up to 3 days. We advise storing 2 to 3 days worth of food in the fridge and leaving the rest of your delivery in the freezer. Because we only use all natural ingredients, please treat your DDD meals as you would your own human food.

Each pouch is one day’s food, so it’s up to you how often you serve it. You can serve Delicious Doggy Dinners cold, straight from the fridge. But your pooch will love it even more with a splash of boiling water mixed in (just remember to stir well to avoid hot spots).