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Lovingly cooked in small batches

Every meal that lands in your bowl has been lovingly cooked in small batches using carefully selected ingredients to ensure you have that five-star quality dining experience you deserve at a price your parents can afford.

Each mouthful has our real-food guarantee, from the chicken chunks, to the diced sweet potato, the protein dense quinoa, and the high fibre lentils, this food is good enough for your parents to eat.



Integrity in every bite – we care about every single dog and would love to feed Delicious Doggy Dinners DDD Logo to as many four legged friends as possible, we believe DDD dogs deserve preservative free dinners and we promise you that we only use ingredients to be proud of. All that goodness goes into your pouches, shipped directly to your door in temperature controlled recyclable boxes.

Simply remember to take out your meal from the freezer and pop it into the fridge every night so it will be ready to serve the next day. If you’re  busy and want to leave 2 or 3 pouches in the fridge at a time, that’s ok, too.

Finest quality ingredients

We only use ingredients that you might find in your own kitchen – assuming you are getting your five a day that is.

To which we then add an essential vitamin supplement for dogs especially sourced from a supplier in France.

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Vet nutritionist approved

Vet nutritionist approved

Whilst your dog is loving every mouthful, it is important to know our recipes have been created and rigorously tested with your dog’s health in mind. Working alongside our wonderful and dedicated veterinary nutritionists, we have trialed hundreds of versions of each recipe before deciding on the final fabulous four dinners. We are very proud that all our recipes adhere to the guidelines set out by both the USA and EU regulatory bodies for canine nutrition.

Packed full of flavour, they’ll be tapping on their bowl for more

Extensive Testing – its a hard job but somedoggy has got to do it!

We are proud to confirm that Strudel and her four legged friends have given a ‘clean bowl’ lick of approval (or drool of approval in Strudel’s case) to all the DDD Logo recipes. In fact, our batches are subject to ongoing random sampling by our team of furry volunteers as part of our commitment from our family to yours.


Strudel's insder tips



Whilst your dinners can be served straight from the fridge to your bowl, my mum likes to add a splash of boiled water and mix it through my bowl because she thinks I prefer it slightly warm – she knows me so well. Millie Moo’s parents like to warm her unopened pouch by leaving it in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes, and Rocky’s dad just microwaves it for a few seconds, making sure to stir it well so there are no hot spots.

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We have seen for ourselves how a wholesome and well-balanced diet has made our dogs more energetic and vibrant, with shinier coats, fresher breath and clearer eyes.

See for yourself what a difference DDD Logo will make by starting your 2 week trial today.


“Smudge loves meal times, the food is truly good enough to eat (my partner actually tasted it!)”



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We’re also working hard to extend our Delicious Doggy Dinners range with new and tasty recipes,
because every customer is part of our family and you deserve the best.